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Help the Homeless

Serving Youth, Single Parent Families,Women of Domestic Violence,Ex-Offenders and Veterans Struggling with Poverty and Homelessness. 

Millions of families in America go hungry every year. Help us feed the homeless. Help with Rental Assistance if approved in our Program by the State,help provide them with hygiene care packages, blankets, socks, food, clothing, and other basic essentials. 


Take a

Edwards Housing Inc Nonprofit has a vision to provide hope to those who live on the streets of Tarrant and Dallas Counties. We desire to see the quality of their lives enhanced in every way: emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

Edwards Housing Incorporated mission is to build a community where those who have much can serve and give to those who have little because we believe that real transformation happens through relationship in community. 

Furthermore, we see our homeless friends as brothers and sisters – our fellow children of God.  Many of us with Edwards Housing Incorporated mission is to serve the homeless out of an overflow of the Spirit of God alive within us and working through us; however, we welcome everyone into our community regardless of their beliefs or where they live.

Join us in the Mission for the Homeless of Tarrant and Dallas COUNTIES

Join us in our mission for the homeless of Tarrant & Dallas County : to give hope to those who live on the streets.

Here’s just a few ways how you can help:

  • Pass out food to Homeless Individuals near the shelters

  • Pass out sleeping bags to Homeless Individuals in need 

  • Bring or Drop Off Food Items from the Tarrant County Food Bank to Homeless camps( Contact Edwards Housing Incorporated for details on what items are acceptable for Donation)

  • Bring or Drop Off Bottled water at Shelters for Donation 

  • Bring or Drop Off Toiletries at Shelters for Donation

  • Bring or Drop Off Clothes (especially socks) to Shelters for Donations

Contact Us with Your Vision

Do you have an idea or an inspiring mission for the homeless of Tarrant and Dallas County that you want to see happen?

If so, Edwards Housing Incorporated so we can help make it a reality.

Edwards Housing Inc.
Featured on NBC 5 Channel News as one the Best for housing the veterans and Homeless in Dfw metroplex.

Edwards Housing Inc Nonprofit and Community Nonprofit Mcqueen Foundation Youth Ministry feeding the homeless 


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  • Cooking With The Edwards
    Cooking With The Edwards
    Grand Prairie
    Grand Prairie
    Edwards Housing Incorporated has introduced a new program Cooking With The Edwards. We have youth that are special Cooks and putting their Culinary Skills to the Test.


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